Here it is! "Grandma's House" and more music by Tash available for download Today!

If for some reason the music player is not showing, then try this link.


You can also purchase music from my facebook music page by the "photos" icon. look for "MusicStore"

I LIKE CD'S! Can I order a CD directly from the artist? You absolutely can!

An actual CD! GASP!
When some of you newbies think of a CD, the next picture that probably pops into your head is a dinosaur. 


I love CDs but the cost of having them professionally made vs.
the amount of people who still buy CDs would send me into debt. So, from now
on, any music I put on CD will be treated more like a collectors/crafty item.
You will receive "Grandmas House" (songs, 2 versions) and some
original artwork on the front of a blank holiday card. Also a "Christmas
Night" scented gift tag especially designed for this "Grandma's
House" project (peppery sage, woodsy clove, sugared plums and warm
Contact me through facebook for orders.

I'm sold out of the gift packages! BUT,  still have music for sell. let's be friends on facebook anyway. There, I will keep you informed on more offers to come, without being spammy. (:

Thanks for your interest!





"Grandma's House" is available at these awesome places! 


Apple iTunes 11/29/2012
Rhapsody 11/29/2012
Emusic 11/29/2012
Tradebit 11/29/2012
GreatIndieMusic 11/29/2012
Amazon MP3 11/29/2012 11/29/2012
Spotify 11/29/2012
24-7 11/29/2012
Omnifone 11/29/2012
Simfy 11/29/2012
Google Music Store 11/29/2012
Rumblefish 11/29/2012
Rdio 11/29/2012 11/29/2012
Nokia 11/30/2012
Xbox Music 11/30/2012

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